Our goal is to help children feel safe and enjoy their time at the center knowing they are in a caring and nurturing environment. Rules will be clear and consistent. Discipline will remain within the regulations set forth by the Arizona Department of Health Services. Expectations for behavior are age appropriate and includes the following guidelines and methods:

  • Redirection to alternative activities and behaviors are suggested
  • Setting age appropriate limits to begin to learn self-control
  • Working with children to express feelings in a positive way
  • Discipline does not cause harm and is only administered by a teacher or Director
  • Teachers may hold and console children to help comfort them
  • Discipline is not associated with eating, drinking, toileting, mechanical restrains, or medication
  • The Director will be available to discuss and assist with any disciplinary situation
  • Positive guidance is practiced daily. If any child’s conduct becomes abusive to any other child or employee, parents will be notified. If corrective attempts are unsuccessful the Director has the right to dismiss the child from the center.
  • Unresolved grievances will be directed to the Administrator.
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