Illness and Medical

If your child is sick please make other arrangements for Day Care. Children play outside daily (except on extreme weather) and our staff expect your child to participate. Our center is not staffed for your child to remain indoors if your child is sick. Because illnesses may spread easily from person to person, please keep sick children at home. If your child becomes sick while attending the center, you will be notified to pick up or make arrangements for your child to be picked up by persons named on emergency contact information. According to A.D.H.S. regulation R9-5-519, we cannot allow any child to remain in the center showing any symptoms of inflammation, fever, rash, diarrhea, vomiting, pinworms, lice, or is suspected of having a contagious or infectious disease or infestation. Children must be symptom-free for at least 24 hours or have been on antibiotics for the appropriate time as determined by your child’s pediatrician before being allowed to return.

Medication Administration

The center will administer medications with parental permission according to manufacturer’s recommendations and/or physician’s instructions. Written authorization must be provided including the child’s name, reason for medication, and specific instructions for administration (medication name, dosage, and when to administer). Only medication labeled with the correct child’s name in their original containers will be administered. The parent must give the first administration of any medication; the center will record subsequent doses given.

Emergency Medical Procedures

In an emergency, the teacher should notify the Director of the situation. The Director or Teacher then calls 911 if necessary. The Director will determine if an immediate call to parents is necessary. There is always staff with current CPR and First Aid Training on duty.

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