Parent Testimonials

“The Lily Pad is Amazing! All of the teachers are always so pleasant and upbeat, they create a really positive environment for the kids! The center not only focuses on activities but also educates. My now seven year old learned how to write her name when she was four; as well as numbers, colors and shapes thanks to her awesome teachers! I really appreciate that everyone at The Lily Pad; they helped prepare my daughter for school. I always feel very comfortable talking to them about anything that comes to mind, and they are attentive to my feedback as well.”                   
-Andrea S.

“My daughter has been going to The Lily pad for 2 ½ years and we absolutely love it. She is there during breakfast and lunch and, always lets me know how good the food was that day. She also unfortunately has a nut allergy so she isn’t allowed to have certain things but, they have always been so good to make sure those things are not in her diet and accommodate that. She has learned so much in the time she has been with them such as:  counting, her letters, different animals, and currently how to write her name all by the age of 3. The staff is very hands on in working with the kids she brings home daily art projects and, loves to show me the puzzles they are working on that day. The staff is always very good to address any concern there may be and let me know how she was doing that day. They always seem to be keeping the kids busy whether that be in playing outside in their new playground or having the occasional water day I am always left feeling grateful that I made the choice for my daughter to be there.”
–Amanda R. 

“I am writing this letter as this is my opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude for taking care and nurturing my daughter Raven while she is enrolled at Lily Pad Daycare. These past few years for me as a single mom have been the most challenging and every one of you has been significant in turning this to be the most memorable too. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding about our schedule changes and for answering my questions and inquiries with reassurance and sincerity. You have no idea how much comfort it has given me on so many days.  With this letter is a book that I intend to give Raven when she’s older. I hope that you find a short moment in your busy day to write a note as her first teachers. I’d like to preserve her memories in this place that has been very significant in her development.  One can only wish that all working parents that need childcare can have the same sense of security that I felt the whole time Raven is with Lily Pad.”

-Anie T.

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